Bilingual Maths 4º E.S.O.

14th May, 2017

18th April, 2017
Vectors (presentation)

17th April, 2017

 Analytic Geometr
Vectors and Scalars  (warm-up activity)

3th April, 2017 
Download the presentation before using it!

28th March,2017
The unit circle
26th March, 2017
Some more word problems

19th March, 2017

Introduction to Trigonometry   (mathsisfun)                               

(Thanks to

16th March, 2017

Similarity revision (solved exercise)
Thanks, Manuel...

12th March, 2017
Function Transformations

 7th March, 2017

6th March, 2017
Global exam: Revision exercises (Spanish)
1.  Algebra revision (equations) 
2.  Algebra revision (inequalities)
3. Functions revision   

6th March, 2017
Piecewise functions:

To learn more about this topic, visit

2nd March, 2017
Piecewise functions

1st March, 2017

Find the equation of a parabola, given its graph...
Download this worksheet about it


26th February, 2017
Go further with A.R.C. of a function...

  "Click" on the thumbnail  below to watch the video-clip

25th February, 2017
How to plot a parabola without losing your temper...
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(no animations) 
22nd February, 2017
A.R.C.  Video

21st February, 2017

Average Rate of Change  A.R.C.

17th February, 2017

Functions: General properties


Functions you have to know...

13th February, 2017
Probably you should have spent more time
solving problems so,
If you need  to revise algebra, try these links...
Word problems (Spanish) (I) "CLICK" HERE
Word problems (English) (II) "CLICK" HERE

6th February, 2017

Download here the PDF version

2nd  February, 2017
Inequalities with "x" in the denominator...

27th January, 2017
Logarithms? Go further if you dare...
26th January, 2017
How to solve nonlinear systems 
(PDF presentation)
25th January, 2017 

Nonlinear Systems of Equations (solved examples)

An example of a solved nonlinear system...
 Thanks, Ana...
Here is the graphical solution for the system...
23rd January, 2017
Nonlinear systems

21st January, 2017
Systems of Inequalities (one variable)
 Thanks, Celia...
21st January, 2017
Quadratic inequalities (some more solved examples)
20th January, 2017
Quadratic inequations (solved examples)

19th January, 2017
Systems of linear inequalities (one variable)
Systems of linear inequalities (two variables)
10th January, 2017

Inequalities (first level)
Inequalities (go further)
9th January, 2017

Exponential equations (solved examples)
Logarithmic equations (solved examples) 

15th December, 2016

2nd December, 2016

Algebraic fractions

Get the solution by clicking here!
PowerPoint version
PDF version (fast download speed, no animations)

Algebraic fractions worksheet (with answers)

Rational equations (Interactive exercises)
Thanks again to

30th November, 2016
Be careful! There might be some mistakes in the answer sheet. Try to find them...

14th November, 2016
"Click" here to get the PDF version

"Click" here to get the PDF version

19th October, 2016

Listen to Steve Kelly (logarithms)
Thanks to

10th October, 2016

Radicals: Interactive exercises ("click" on the picture)

To learn more, "click" on the link below...

7th October, 2016

Here are some presentations that could be useful for revising:
            Powers                                               Radicals
 Powers and Roots

"Click" on the pictures to download the presentations
Listen to a native teacher talking about radicals...


30th September, 2016
Rounding errors

To learn more about Rounding errors, "Click" here

To practise with some interactive exercises about rounding errors, "Click" here

To learn more about Irrational numbers "Click" here

Balls "Click" here to DOWNLOAD  a presentation
Balls Go further..."Click" to DOWNLOAD  
the presentation

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