domingo, 13 de mayo de 2018

Biographies of famous mathematicians

Here you can see some presentations made by
3º ESO-A students, about some very well known
mathematicians over the History
Agustín de Pedrayes: 
Emma Gómez and Alejandro Albuerne 
Einstein: Pelayo Fernández and Mario García

Fibonacci: Diego Apilánez and Sergio Botana

Middle Ages:  
Hugo de la Cámara and Ángel de la Fuente

Newton: Elena Gómez and Ángel Caso

Sophie Germain: Isabel Arias and Sara Zurita  

The Ancient Greece: 
(presentation and complementary posters)
Lucía Álvarez and Irina Alonso

Water Day Posters (3º ESO A)